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EZ proxies service  is another good choice  for blackhat-seor who using Scrapebox.You can email with these proxies such as hotmail, yahoo and gmail, but not through an SMTP-based port.

Private proxies packages Price Price Per Proxy
10 Proxies $20 $2.00
25 Proxies $45 $1.80
50 Proxies $80 $1.60
100 Proxies $150 $1.50
250 Proxies $270 $1.35
350 Proxies $430 $1.22
500 Proxies $500 $1.00

Here is private proxies packages that ez-proxies service provided.

There are also shared proxies (start from 50 proxies  at $50/month) and International Proxies available.

You can go to his website check more detail.They have several locations around the United States,But not enough infomations provided for it’s a newer proxy service provider.The  EZ Proxies are ok to be used for Scrapebox and most other IM programs,But not Supported Xrummer.

If you check out Ezproxies and have some feedback, be sure to come back and share!.Cheers!


EZproxies Features

  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS
  • Private and  Shared Proxies ,International Proxies
  • Proxies Update Frequency:N/A
  • Supported: Scrapebox, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,Gmail, Hotmail,Yahoo but Not SMTP-based port 
  • Not Supported: Xrummer
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