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Important update[11/13/2016]: We reminder you seriously that Don’t Use StarProxies Now!

Support is really bad, i really make sure StarProxies will Shut down in short time!


Highly recommend you DO NOT use this Provider


 was established in 2015, now offering  high anonymous Proxy service.Their Proxies are HTTP only.StarProxies Servers are Located in USA, that Datacenters are based in TX and NY and have IP authorization to manage the proxies exclusively.

New Proxy service always means Virgin IPs with Proxies.Using Virgin IPs you can works well on instagram,Craigslist posting,Ticketmaster,generally those proxies price is more expensive….also for Social Media – Youtube,Goolge+,FB,Twitter,Amazon,MySpace,Live and so on.Now StarProxies provide 3 type of their proxy service,

PrivateProxies Price Price Per Proxy
5 Proxies $8 $1.6
10 Proxies $15 $1.5
20 Proxies $30 $1.5
30 Proxies $45 $1.5
50 Proxies $65 $1.3
100 Proxies $130 $1.3

Dedicated Private Proxies – (Only for single user) are static ips with Non-Sequential IP Range.

The Private Proxies is really fast, effective for SEO tools,I test these proxy for GSAer and SCRAPEBOX with 20 Proxies They are very fast,the speed the same as SquidProxies.

I ran 1000 connections in Scrapebox via my VPS  on Bing(not use google for more than 5 connections,you will be baned immediately) ,in 15 seconds harvesting more than 80,000 URLs.

Visit StarProxies for detail

Shared Proxies Price Price Per Proxy
10 Proxies $9 $0.9
30 Proxies $27 $0.9
50 Proxies $42 $0.84
100 Proxies $80 $0.8

Shared Proxies also know as Semi-Dedicated Private Proxies (shared with max 3 Users)   is cheaper compare with private dedicated proxies.That’s a cheap solutions for search engine optimization purposes.Also shared proxies use IP authorization.


RotatingProxies Price Price Per Proxy
5 Proxies $12 $2.4
10 Proxies $22 $2.2
20 Proxies $39 $1.95
50 Proxies $85 $1.7

Premium Rotating Proxies Now is not available,for still in beta stage,the key-features is the IP Change in 10 mins not Monthly Rotations.That’s really effective on some Internet marketing tools automation.



StarProxies is new premium proxy offer 100% private anonymous private
proxies and premium Shared Proxies at affordable prices in the industry.So far we think it’s a nice proxy service and also we appreciate you can share review on  it.


StarProxies Features

  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP
  • Dedicated Private Proxies & shared proxies & Rotating Proxies
  • Social Media Friendly(Pinterest,twitter,facebook,Youtube) Proxies
  • 2 days trial money back guarantee & 99% Up-time Guarantee
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Monthly – Rotating Proxies: 10 min 
  • Perform  on SEO tools – GSA Search Engine Ranker, Scrapebox, SeNukeX ,Sick Submitter, Bookmarkwiz,Xgram,Conquerchrome…
  • Non Sequential IP’s
  • Setup Time (Instant to 1 Hr)
  • 24/7 Support , Fast Response
  1. Literally the worst proxy provider I’ve ever used. I have no idea how they’re still in business.

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  2. horrible support..

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