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Flipnode Proxies Review


Flipnode is a newly created provider of Residential IP proxies in 2019! Their proxies work as standard backconect proxy, compatible with HTTP(S) and Socks 4/5 protocols.

Best rookie: New means Fresh Residential IPs!

  • Over 9.5 millions of residential IPs in 190+ countries
  • Legit IPs with Real broadband digital cables & DSL IPs
  • Unlimited Bandwidth charge based on Ports
  • Standard Rotation every 5 minutes
  • 3 days money back guarantee

Are you looking for a residential proxy provider that provides you unlimited access (no bandwidth limit) at a pocket-friendly price? Then you need to take a look at Flipnode. Flipnode sees itself as the fastest residential proxy network in the industry.

They also stated that with them, you could access any website and data you want without getting denied or blocked. How true are all these claims? As a proxy reviewer, I am going to be reviewing them. From the review, you can be the judge.

Flipnode proxy review

Flipnode is a residential proxy provider with their residential proxies being in the form of backconnect proxies. They have been in the proxy business for a while now and have even earned the trust of some big tech companies such as Microsoft, GitHub, Spotify, Envato, Apple, and Dribbble, among other companies.

One interesting aspect of Flipnode is their simple website design. Aside from their web design, their proxies are cost-effective and secure, but with a lot of room for improvement. Let dive into Flipnode reviews in detail.

Large IP pool and Location Coverage

Proxy network size and distribution is a key indicator of a provider’s strength except if it’s trying to create proxies for specific locations. Flipnode is not specific in terms of location, and as such, this becomes an important part of this review. Flipnode has a good number of residential proxies in their pool. Currently, they have over 9.5 million residential IP addresses of real broadband or DSL connections. This makes them one of the residential proxy providers with large residential IP pools.

Interestingly, the distribution of these over 9.5 million is done across about 195 countries. There are over 3 million of their proxies in the United States, over 2 million in Europe, 1 million in Southern America, and over a million in Asia and Pacific. These are just a few of the major regions they have present in. They have presence in other regions and countries as well.

Flipnode proxy Location Coverage

Geo-targeting Options

flipnode Geotargeting Settings

Because Flipnode has present in about 195 countries, selecting proxies based on countries isn’t a problem. You can choose to use proxies in specific countries. However, a problem arises when you want to use state-specific proxies or even city proxies. Currently, Flipnode does not provide support for state or city geo-targeting.

Likewise, you cannot target proxies based on ASN as you can in other premium residential service providers. To many users of proxies, this isn’t much of a concern as what they need is country targeting.

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Proxy Speed and Performance

Remember, at the beginning of the article; I stated that they claimed they are the fastest residential proxy network, right? And I told you I would reveal the truth to you, right? Well, what did my research reveal to me?

Flipnode Speed test

Even though Flipnode is not the fastest residential proxy provider (obviously a marketing gimmick), I find their proxies to be fast in terms of upload and download  even though there are others that are way ahead of them in this regard.

Flipnode proxy speed test on fast.com

Reasonable Flipnode proxy speed test on fast.com

Flipnode speed test

Flipnode proxy speed test on speedtest.net

The speed is similar to other top residential IP proxies providers, such as Smartproxy, Oxylabs, the Flipnode proxy speed is fine, so no need to worry about their proxy speed, I am used and tests hundreds of their residential IPs, and no any 502, 503 error show!

ISP test

Here is the details of the ISP detials of 2 IPs that from speed test, Both are good residential IPs that mean Legit IPs or trusted IPs for marketing online.

ip: “”
 hostname: “ip98-160-140-96.lv.lv.cox.net”
 city: “Las Vegas”
 region: “Nevada”
 country: “US”
 loc: “36.1750,-115.1372”
 postal: “89111”
 timezone: “America/Los_Angeles”
 asn: Object
 asn: “AS22773”
 name: “Cox Communications Inc.”
 domain: “cox.com”
 route: “”
 type: “isp”
 abuse: Object
 address: “US, GA, Atlanta, 1400 Lake Hearn Drive, 30319”
 country: “US”
 email: [email protected]
 name: “Cox Communications Inc”
 network: “”
 phone: “+1-404-269-7626”

ip: “”
 hostname: “ool-44c237e4.dyn.optonline.net”
 city: “New York City”
 region: “New York”
 country: “US”
 loc: “40.7143,-74.0060”
 postal: “10004”
 timezone: “America/New_York”
 asn: Object
 asn: “AS6128”
 name: “Cablevision Systems Corp.”
 domain: “cablevision.com”
 route: “”
 type: “isp”
 company: Object
 name: “Optimum Online (Cablevision Systems)”
 domain: “optimum.net”
 type: “isp”
 abuse: Object
 address: “US, NY, Hicksville, 111 new south RD, 11801”
 country: “US”
 email: [email protected]
 name: “OOL Hostmaster”
 network: “”
 phone: “+1-516-803-2400” ISP details ISP details

Based on my test, all is from ISP, The IPs are look like so natural and fresh, isn’t it?

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

There is something that’s becoming a norm in the residential proxy market – access to the Internet is metered. Most premium providers base their pricing and plan on traffic in the form of consumable bandwidth. Flipnode is one of the few residential providers that do something contrary. When using their proxies, your connection is not metered, and as such, you enjoy an unlimited amount of bandwidth – nonstop.

However, it is important you note that while they provide you unlimited bandwidth, you are restricted to accessing only 5 services in the form of websites. You have to choose the 5 websites from the configuration area of your dashboard. Below is a screenshot.

flinode proxy setting

So, based on this setting, the sneaker sites and ticket sites are blocked.

adidas is blocked

ticketmaster is blocked

If you want to use proxies for sneaker sites or ticket sites, easily change your setting like this,

Flipnode proxies setting for sneaker sites or ticket sites

There’s a walk-around to this, though, as you can always edit the list as you want.

adidas is working

ticketmaster is working

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Proxy control panel

Flipnode is one of the simplest proxies to use out there. Their website is clean and simple with only 3 main navigational areas – proxy manager, profile, and support. Visiting each of these, you will reveal how simple it is to use them. From the proxy manager page, you can get the list of proxies. Just copy the one you wish to use to the platform you intend to use proxies and use your preferred authentication method.

This is custom heading element

With over 9+ million proxies available to you, I need not tell you that IP rotation is supported on the Flipnode platform. By default, a new IP is assigned to you every 5 minutes. If you want to maintain a session for longer period, you can always configure your IP rotation timing in your dashboard.

IP rotating time setting

One things you need to note, their proxies not support rorating each session.

If what you are looking for are high rotating proxies that change IP per request, Flipnode do not covered it at this time With these, Their mainly offer sticky session management, if you need the high rotating proxies, I would suggest you try proxyrack at first.

So, One other aspect I find them to be average is in their web scraping performance. Many popular websites seem to get a hold on their proxies.in fact, it might interest you to note that a little over 50 percent of my requests went through without the need for solving captchas. This then means that you need captchas solvers for Flipnode residential proxies to be efficient.

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flipnode Authorized IPs

There are basically two methods of authentication used by proxy providers. These include the username and password authentication, as well as the IP authentication otherwise known as IP whitelisting. Flipnode provides support for the two with limitations to the number IPs you can whitelist.

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Pricing and Plan

As I stated earlier, Flipnode pricing model is not based on bandwidth, and their connection is unlimited. What then is their proxy plan based on? Their pricing and plans are based on the number of ports. There is only one plan publicly available on their website. This plan is priced at $225 and comes with 10 ports. With this plan, you can potentially use all the over 9.5 million IPs they have in their pool.

Flipnode pricing plan

How this work is simple.  You are given ports that are, in fact, proxy gateways. Each gateway is connected to the IP pool and can access proxies from countries they have proxies in. If you need more than 10 ports, you can contact them for a quote. Flipnode does not offer any form of free trial – you have to pay before you can have a taste of them. However, if you are not OK with their service, you can request a refund within 3 days of subscribing to their service.

10% Discount
10% Discount

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Customer Support

Flipnode can be said to have good customer support. They make use of Drift to provide live chat support to their customers. In case their support is not online, you can make use of their contact form to send them a message, and they will reply in hours. However, there is still room for improvement, as there is no much content available on their website.

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Our Verdict

Flipnode is a reliable provider that has earned the trust of some big companies. They have good customer support, session control, pricing, and provide unlimited bandwidth. However, they still have more room for improvement in the area of evading website blocking and other aspects. But in all, they are they a reliable and secure provider – I recommend them.

9.2 Total Score
Best novice award of 2021 - 2022

Flipnode offers very competitive residential IP proxies in this market, their proxy is similar to microleaves proxies that change by ports.

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