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Luminati – Best P2P Proxy Network, Compare with Tor and Proxies

luminatiLuminati provides the P2P network offered by Hola. Luminati is a successful business proxy service that Provide peer to peer (P2P) proxy network has over 16 million residential IPs. And Luminati encrypt all of traffic by HTTP / HTTPS requests via millions of IPs.


Know more about How luminati works

Luminati also provide free VPN to use named hola. Hola works a little like Tor that transfer your traffic across different Tor user’s PC or servers. So, there is no free lunch in this world.Usually Free user of Hola generally acts as a possible proxy node for users of Luminati.io. That’s means how many Hola users have, how many IPs that’s Luminati offer.


Hola’s P2P network is very large and it consists of millions of residential IPs unlike the other proxies. The IPs of the Hola network are personal and they are unlikely to be blocked or deceived.

And more detail about how luminati’s Residential proxy network works you can read ours Luminati Proxy Review.


Compare Luminati with Tor

Before talking about the Luminati, let me show you how Tor works,

how tor works

Luminati is a little like Tor,But It’s indeed different from TOR. The IPs of TOR are marked as well as identified and TOR has just around 20000 IPs. The more than 16 million IPs of the Luminati P2P network are unidentified.

p2p proxies vs tor


Compare Luminati with Proxies

When compared to other proxies, we find that Luminati is slower than dedicated proxies. But Luminati more fast than other rotating proxies such as stormproxies, the inbuilt IP rotation manager of Luminati is highly efficient. When a request is made it is passed on to one of the super proxies which in turn will give the IP address that will be available in the selected location.

Unlike other backconnect proxies, Luminati allows to send unlimited number of concurrent sessions. Luminati can be made speedier by sending the maximum number of concurrent sessions.

Luminati is able to outperform any other rotating proxy solution thanks to its awesome architecture. The highest success rate makes Luminati distinctive among the backconnect proxies.


Cost of P2P network, Tor and Dedicated Proxy Server

When compared to the cost of proxies, no doubt Tor is the cheapest for it’s free. But tor is really slow. The Dedicated Proxy Server is fast, but it’s most expensive and if you’re need lots of IPs that’s need more cost! P2P network is a BEST choice, if you’re need lots of IP address!



Luminati – #1 P2P proxy service with residential IPs

>> Fail rate below 1%

The most outstanding feature of Hola’s P2P networks is that these networks provide millions of nodes in every city in the world. Today, Luminati is the only proxy that provides this kind of service. Luminati offers an API that is the most convenient and also it is the most cost-effective proxy solution which also helps to save considerable amount of time.
The fail rate of Luminati is less compared to other proxies. Luminati has a fail rate below 1%. Fail rate shows the IPs that are blocked by the website which the user is searching. When one of the IPs is blocked the user has to switch over to a new IP and as a result the process becomes more expensive.

When compared to Luminati, the other proxies are found more expensive as a result of higher fail rates. The users have to spend thousands of dollars more every year as a result of increased fail rates with other proxies. 

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>> Why fail rate of Luminati is so low?

In case of other proxies, the IPs are already identified. When known IPs are used they will be easily identified as well as blocked. The residential IPs that are used by the P2P proxy network of Luminati are not known and as a result they cannot be identified or blocked.

luminatiSince Luminati is using residential IPs, the fail rate is always below the 1% level. The project timeline as well as freshness of data is also influenced by the fail rate. Hence, the budgets prepared with the help of proxies with higher fail rates will lead to operational hazards.

>> Luminati ensures protection from misleading data

The proxies that are using IPs which are easy to identify are likely to get wrong or misleading data since on identifying the IPs the website will ruin the data harvesting process by providing misleading information.

This can lead to irreparable damage to the brand and will also reduce the profitability of the business. Since Luminati does not use known IPs but uses only residential IPs, they cannot be identified and thereby ensures protection from misleading data.


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