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Privateproxies.net provides Dedicated Private Proxies at 1 GBPS Speed. These Premium Private Proxies you can use it for Social Media, SEO, Web Scraping & IM.Especially you can do classified ADs posting. They are guaranteed to be not shared with anyone else.

Update - 2020.01.02Privateproxies.net has closed since 2016.

They do not allow access to e-commerce sites such as eBay, PayPal, alert pay and mailing services.XRumer, Mailing, Torrents is strictly prohibited TOO.

  Packages PriceGEO Locations
 10 Proxies$49.993
 25 Proxies$99.995
 50 Proxies $149.996
 100Proxies $299.998

Here is  Sample packages that privateproxies.net service provided. Privateproxies.net  run 100s of multi-threaded requests, Integrate with all SEO Softwares. Guarantee 7-Day Money Back. Proxies from Over 300 Subnets that Over 10 International and 20+ US Locations. You can custom location proxies that would be charged at 4$ per Proxy.



You can get Available Locations from:

  • Dallas (TX)
  • Folsom (CA)
  • Fremont (CA)
  • Hollis (NY)
  • Houston (TX)
  • Miami (FL)
  • Milpitas (CA)
  • Palo Alto (CA)
  • Riverside (CA)
  • San Jose (CA)
  • Arizona (CA)
  • San Jose (CA)
  • Scranton (PA)
  • Scranton (PA)
  • UK
  • Yonkers (NY)

privateproxies.net are guaranteed to be not shared with anyone else. If you are already his consumer, Please share your review here. Cheers!


privateproxies.net Features

  • Supports HTTP/HTTPS & Socks on demand
  • Free to request to change the proxy IPs anytime
  • Over 10 International and 20+ US Locations,Over 300 Subnets
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Allowed: Scrapebox, SeNuke, TweetAttacks,classified ad posting.
  • Not Supported: x-Rumer, Mailing, Torrents 
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