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Using Proxies to Manage Social Media Accounts: NetNut is Specially Made For You

Handle Multiple Social Media Accounts for marketing!

In today’s data explosion society, how do people get information? Newspapers? TV? Radio? Of course not. After all, we are not human beings living in the last century.

Most of us do it through social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc., which we are familiar with. People use the fragmented time to learn about the world and discover the unknown through different social platforms, so social media are becoming more and more popular.

Savvy marketers can’t miss this opportunity. They’re starting to use these social platforms to amass traffic and turn it into the business. Of course, an account or even a platform can no longer meet their needs. How do you manage multiple accounts effectively and securely? That’s what this article is about.

Why use proxy to manage social media accounts?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, managing several social media accounts is one of the most common objectives for brands, agencies, and companies. They are created based on different audience branches, locations, and other marketing objectives across social media platforms.
They are mostly used for different branding activities, such as driving more engagement or social media listening for market research.

These actions are done by utilizing different automation tools, combined with a powerful and useful proxy network that allows them to hide their actual IP address and successfully (and safely) create and manage multiple accounts.

Often, creating and managing multiple accounts can be tricky. Social media platforms are doing their best to spot and migrate fake accounts and provide their users with a more authentic experience for using the social media platform.

Using Static & Rotating IPs for creating and managing social media accounts


Proxies, as a functional element in every business, can assist in creating and managing social media accounts by following these main guidelines:

  • Create and manage multiple social media accounts by utilizing the proper proxy network (P2P or ISP)
  • Conduct market research activities and social-listening practices by scraping social media pages.
  • Drive more engagement and publish content by automated actions (considering the proper intervals taken into account)

IP rotation for multiple social media accounts

Rotating residential IPs are your best choice when creating multiple social media accounts, cloaking your actual IP address, and appearing in different locations around the world, allowing you to deploy accounts creation tactics fairly easily.

Permanent static IPs for managing social media accounts safely

Static/Sticky IPs perform best when managing several accounts by providing a unique and exclusive IP address. The IP address is used for each account, appearing as an ordinary user, but in fact, managed from the same IP address at other accounts, used with the same automation tool.

Static IPs are considered slightly more difficult to obtain since most proxy providers rely on a P2P network, including automatic IP rotation and not-so-long static IP sessions.

The P2P network is a device-dependent proxy network. This means that the connection and the unique IP address aren’t always available and eventually get lost by disconnecting from the end user’s device.

The solution is to utilize both the P2P network and ISP proxy network.

Creating multiple social media accounts and managing them through a proxy network can be made using a direct ISP proxy network and an additional P2P network for added scalability boosts. This way, you can use static and rotating IPs with minimum efforts.

Next, We will talk about NetNut.io – a proxy provider, which is excellent at creating and managing social media.

Who is NetNut?

NetNut Proxy

NetNut is only the residential proxy provider to offer both direct ISP and P2P proxy networks and is doing so by connecting to DiviNetworks PoP through global Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This particular structure makes NetNut proxies much faster and highly anonymous. They claim to be the fastest proxy in the market with a virtually 0 fail rate.

What is an ISP Proxy Network?


ISP Proxy network is a proxy network with direct connectivity to ISPs. This means that instead of relying on a connection to an end-user device (like the standard P2P network), a direct ISP connection provides you with an IP address from trusted residential devices used by active users, shared directly from ISPs.

Considering this, managing multiple social media accounts can easily be made by using static IPs for keeping an address for as long as possible, the same as a regular device would, and making your social media actions appear much more reliable, whenever your use is.

How does NetNut work?

By default, NetNut rotates the proxy for each browser session and can be seamlessly integrated into any browser. Its static IP connects directly to the ISP and provides 24/7 availability, enabling the ability to hold web sessions for as long as needed. They each have their own advantages. Rotary IP is used to create accounts, and static IP is used to manage accounts.

 Netnut’s P2P network for multiple social media accounts

Using the Rotation proxy of NetNut, you can realize the automatic IP acquisition. As we know, social platforms have account limits. Using rotation proxy, we can create as many accounts as you need, and without suspicion or banned. We can get different IP randomly, so you don’t need many of them to complete the task online, which is very beneficial for creating accounts.

Netnut’s ISP proxy network for managing social media accounts

If you have multiple accounts, managing them can be a problem. We often devote more energy to the sales market, so we need to reduce management costs. Please ask NetNut to help you at this time. Using their static proxies can free up manpower and is very safe and reliable. Most of the time, you don’t have to worry about these issues. But you need to be clear that nothing is absolute forever because no proxy can help you stay away from prohibition forever.


NetNut is unique by connecting directly to global ISPs and deploying an additional P2P network. Guest post by NetNut Proxy Network, a residential proxy IP network offering premium Static and Rotating IPs. It’s useful for account creation and management.

Read our NetNut review for more information about the ISP proxy network.

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