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GeoSurf Alternatives 2024: Residential Proxies Like Geosurf.com

GeoSurf, an established Israeli proxy service provider known for its robust and reliable offerings, ceased operations on December 20, 2023.

This development followed a legal dispute with Bright Data, another leading proxy service provider based in Israel. GeoSurf had carved a niche for itself by providing high-quality residential and mobile proxies, serving a diverse clientele that included both businesses and individual users.

Its services were highly regarded for enabling effective web scraping, ad verification, and precise geo-targeting.

With GeoSurf’s closure, it’s crucial for you to consider other proxy services. When exploring alternatives, it’s essential to look for providers that not only match the quality and reliability that GeoSurf was known for but also align with your specific requirements and budget.

Since both GeoSurf and Bright Data share Israeli roots, their approaches to proxy services may have similarities, but it’s important to assess other global options too, as they might offer unique features or better suit your specific needs.

This situation underscores the dynamic nature of the tech industry, where legal and competitive factors can significantly impact service availability. As such, keeping abreast of industry developments and having a flexible approach to service providers is key to ensuring uninterrupted and efficient access to proxy services.

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GeoSurf mainly provides residential proxies with over 3.7 Million IPs, which are distributed in more than 130 countries and 1700 cities around the world. You can use their proxies for data collection, web scraping, and sneaker copping. But they start at up to $450/month, so you may need some alternatives within your budget.

logo of geosurf

Proxy Technical Parameters + Our GeoSurf Ratings

Official URL GeoSurf.com
IP Type Residential
Price Charged Bandwidth
Price Sample 38 GB – $450
Proxy Pool 3.7+ Million IPs
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)
IP Rotation 1 min/10 min/30 min
Filtering/Targeting Cites/Countries
  • IP White List
  • Username+Password
Scaping Performance 9.1 / 10
Network Performance 9.2 / 10
Proxy Features 9.0 / 10
Customer Support 8.5 / 10
Jurisdiction Location Israel
More detail on our GeoSurf review.

GeoSurf  Vs. Brightdata

We have researched the best residential proxy solutions to GeoSurf Proxies for web scraping based on real testing of their proxies. Our unbiased reviews considered proxy features, support locations, scraping performance, network performance, and customer support. We have compiled a list of the best GeoSurf alternatives and competitors.
Feature GeoSurf Bright Data
Proxy Types Residential, ISP, Datacenter Residential, ISP, Datacenter
IP Pool Over 3 million Over 72 million
Locations Over 130 worldwide 195 locations, including country and city-level
Features - Low-code real-time data collection API - Browser toolbar - Premium gateway - Mobile VPN for Android & iOS - Proxy networks - Web scrapers - Web scraping APIs - Ready-to-use datasets - Extensive documentation - Web data masterclass - Videos, blogs, webinars - Code snippets - Presets for developers
Ease of Use Straightforward premium proxy toolbar Known for ease of use, speed, and large proxy pool
Pricing Starts from $300 for 25 GB Starts from $4.00/month


  • Proxy Types: Offers residential, ISP (static residential proxies), and datacenter proxy networks
  • IP Pool: Over 3 million unblocked legit IP addresses
  • Locations: Over 130 locations worldwide
  • Features: GeoSurf offers a low-code real-time data collection API, a browser toolbar, and a premium gateway for global businesses. It also provides a mobile VPN compatible with both Android and iOS, offering over 120 mobile device locations
  • Ease of Use: GeoSurf is known for its straightforward premium proxy toolbar
  • Pricing: GeoSurf's plans start from $300 for 25 GB of data

Bright Data

  • Proxy Types: Offers residential, ISP, and datacenter proxies
  • IP Pool: Over 72 million real residential IPs
  • Locations: Covers 195 locations including country and city-level website targeting
  • Features: Bright Data offers a range of services, including proxy networks, web scrapers, web scraping APIs, and ready-to-use datasets. It also provides extensive documentation, web data masterclass, videos, blogs, webinars, code snippets for multiple programming languages, and plenty of presets to help users who are developers
  • Ease of Use: Users find Bright Data easy to use, and it’s known for its large proxy pool, outperforming similar tools like Smartproxy and Oxylabs in terms of speed and ease of use
  • Pricing: Bright Data's pricing starts from $4.00/month
In summary, both GeoSurf and Bright Data offer a range of proxy services with their own unique features and capabilities. GeoSurf is known for its straightforward interface and premium services, while Bright Data is recognized for its large proxy pool and extensive range of services. The choice between the two would depend on the specific needs and budget of the user.
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