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Best Skype Proxies of 2024

Are you looking for proxies you can use for accessing Skype while keeping your real IP addresses from anyone trying to eavesdrop? Then you’re on the right page as we would be recommending some of the best proxies for Skype in the article below.

Do you know that Skype is tracking your IP address? If you do not, now you do, and you need to know that it uses that to track your activities and keep you locked out. With your real IP address, you must conform to the Skype term of usage and make yourself available to be tracked.

skype proxiesThis means that you’re at the mercy of the anti-spam system of Skype. For you to have unrestricted access to Skype regardless of your location and past activities on the Skype platform, you will need to make use of proxies that will provide you alternative IP addresses.

With proxies, you can bypass any IP-based restrictions put forward either by Skype or by your ISP when you’re trying to access Skype. One thing you need to know about the Skype proxy term is that it is just a marketing term.

This is because there are no proxies engineered specifically for Skype, and most of the providers that you can use their proxies for Skype do not even name their proxies Skype proxies. Basically, all you need are undetectable proxies so that you will not be blocked.

Recommended Proxy Providers for Skype Proxies

In this section of the article, we would be providing you a list of proxy providers you can buy Skype proxies from. One thing you need to know is that aside from being undetectable, a proxy server also needs to be fast, considering the fact that Skype is a video conferencing platform.

If you use slow proxies, then you could get the Skype experience ruined. Below are some of the top providers you can buy high-quality proxies for Skyping.

Bright Data Review

40 GB - $500

Luminati is a Legitimate residential IP proxies provider and Over 72+ Million IPs in their residential network, Collect & scraping any web data, Never ...

SOAX Review

15GB - $99

SOAX is a rotating residential and mobile proxy provider offering a reliable and cost-effective solution for both businesses and individuals. The SOAX ...

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IPRoyal is one of the IP address providers you can buy or lease IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from. Aside from this, they are also into the provision of ...

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The Proxy-IPV4 service is one of those services that came into the market unannounced to some of us. Being that as it may, I discovered this provider later ...

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Nimbleway Review

75GB - $600

The Nimbleway service is an all-encompassing service that provides you with all of the infrastructure required for collecting data from the web ...

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Proxy-Cheap Review

10 GB - $50

Proxy-Cheap.com is a new residential IP proxy provider with a massive range of different locations that has the most affordable pricing found on the proxy ...

Hydraproxy Review

$2.95 - One day plan

Hydraproxy is one of the few proxy providers in the market granular control, no minimum monetary requirement, and a large proxy pool of residential and ...

TheSocialProxy is a mobile proxy provider you can buy mobile proxies from. It is not your regular mobile proxy provider. It is a high-quality provider ...

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ProxyEmpire.io is a rotating residential proxy provider that also offers rotating mobile proxies. ProxyEmpire is a relatively new company which ...

High Proxies Review

10 Proxies - $22.00

HighProxies is yet another great US private proxies provider that offers stable, dedicated static IP Proxies for social network websites. Recommend their ...

Does Skype Allow Proxy Usage?

If you are to go through the term of usage of Skype, you will see that Skype does not support the use of proxies. In fact, it would block you if you are found using proxies. This is because proxies are considered deceptive and make it difficult for their anti-spam system to function properly since proxy users can’t be held accountable for their actions.

However, with the right proxies, you can access the Skype platform without getting detected and blocked. Fortunately for us, proxy usage is legal in most countries around the world. I would advise you to find out the legality behind its usage in your region.

What Do you Need Proxies for Skype For?

From the above, you can tell that proxies are not a requirement for using Skype. So why then should you bother yourself with using proxies? It turns out that Skype is restrictive and engages in activities that you might see as an invasion of your privacy.

If you’re the type that is concerned about his privacy and does not want your real IP address to be exposed to Skype, you will need proxies. Proxies are also required if you have been blocked and your IP address is blacklisted. Users from unsupported locations also use proxies to bypass the block.

What are the Best Proxies for Skype – Rotating or Dedicated?

As with most web services that you would be logged in to, rotating proxies especially using their high rotating ports, is a NO-NO. This is because changing IP addresses too frequently within a short period of time would reveal you’re using a proxy or would lead to suspicion.

The best proxies are either dedicated high-quality datacenter proxies or use the sticky ports of fast residential proxies. ISP proxies are at the top of the recommendation too.

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